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Dog Walking

Our Pet Exercise programs are specifically designed for those pet owners who find they don't have the time or ability to exercise their pets. We can provide a wide range of services tailored around your lifestyle and your pets temperament, health and needs.

This is how some people exercise their dogs. We can help you if this is you.

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Our specialist services range from regular daily visits through to the adhoc services on a short term basis. We only provide individual walks unless your dogs are well socialized and can be walked together under effective control. Even then we set a maximum of two dogs at a time.

Our walks start at at $20 for a half hour walk and we can provide you with regular reports on your dogs activity if required. Our service includes exercise or play time for those pets who are not up for walking.

If you need help looking after your pets health or you have a nervous or energetic pet let us take the worry and the work out of the equation for you. You will be amazed in the change in your pet with a regular walking program. Contact us for more information and references.

Need a dog walker. Let us provide the solution for you.

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